Essay 2: Your Stern Experience. Why NYU Stern?

[Chinese Version]



但是 Stern的吸引人之处,并不仅仅是地理位置。我最早接触到NYU,是大概一年前,通过一个我喜欢的女孩,她在NYU的生物系里读Phd,再后来又认识了一个NYU的老师,他们的谈吐,和对学术研究认真却有不拘一格的态度,都让我由倾慕到倾倒,一发不可收拾。我才认识到,NYU的师资力量,学术氛围,校园环境,和期创新的教学方式等等,都原来是我梦寐以求的。抛开大家都可以看到的不谈,即使从一些小的细节上,也可以看出来Stern和别的学校的MBA的不同。例如Columbia的MBA 申请表上关心的是“您将如何支付学费?”,而NYU Stern的却说,“请发挥想象力,自由表达您的想法.”这就是区别,怨妇和情人的区别。

NYU Stern是我的梦中情人,所以我热烈的希望能和她在一起。我愿意把所有的创造力,都倾注于她的身上,并且把所有的爱都奉献给她。我来纽约后,一直想着做一些创新的项目,例如做一个选布料的平台服务于纽约的时尚行业。那我可以从下城华尔街拿到投资,然后去中城服装区进行实践,这一上一下,NYU是必经之地。今天我写这封信,是严肃而认真的想法,希望Stern可以慎重考虑我的请求。

[English Version]


If Stern was the Beauty Pageant of all my business school choices, then this beauty is also the dream-lover of my heart’s desire. Since English is my second language besides my native Chinese, therefore, I will be sharing my feelings here first in my mother tongue in honor of the country where I was born and raised, and then in English to you all – my new friends at Stern.

As a candidate of a graduate student, after the getting-to-know-you of my four years living in New York City, , each college has earned its own distinct place in my heart. CUNY is the girl next door away from the rural hometown; SUNY is the wife dwelling in the big sleepy suburb house; and Columbia is that uptown girl from the 80’s whose appeal is long out of fashion. Only NYU stands out to be my dream school – an up-to-date, fashionable and brainy downtown beauty. It possesses the unique locale of Wall Street on the south, the fashion district on the north, and City Hall nearby, and Chinatown on the east. With its pool of professionals and artists gathered in this vicinity from all over the world, any street walker spotted can easily turn out to be a big wheel.

But the attractions for me from Stern, is not only from its unique and exciting locale. My firsthand experience with NYU came from about a year ago, through a girl I took a liking to. She was studying PHD in biology at NYU. Then there was another friend who also taught at NYU. Both of them exhibited great deal of competence, sophistication and dedication to their studies. It was what I found extremely admirable and fascinating coming both from female associates. And since then that feeling of admiration for NYU is showing no sign of slowing down. Take a closer look, I also came to realize that the faculty, academic environment and teaching methods at NYU are all that to my liking. The difference and its unique quality of Stern compared to other MBA schools also come from nothing but the ordinary. For example, on the application form from Columbia University, their concern is more of “how are you going to pay your tuition?” versus at NYU Stern, it’s encouraging us to “use almost any method to convey your message. Feel free to be creative.” This is the difference, to me, lies between the Pageant and the contestants.

Stern School of Business at NYU is my dream choice for my MBA study. It has stolen my heart with its charm, quality and integrity. I sincerely wish to be part of its continuous history-making of academic study in the two years lying ahead. I desire to devote all my zeal and creativity to the learning and living at Stern of NYU. My original purpose of coming to NYC was to be a creative business owner based on the foundation of my personal inventions. Some of them have already been fostered into a viable business practice such as a sourcing platform for the fabric needs of NY fashion industry. While study at NYU, I can still work on the these projects such as the sourcing platform by drawing ideas from the playing field of the fashion district, or searching for potential investors and strategic partners from the wall street. I hereby present my sincere plea for your consideration for the Stern of Business at NYU.