“Hi, I’m looking for a husband,” said Sister Feng, a famous Chinese Internet figure and the most hated reality star of China.

Sister Feng’s real name is Luo Yufeng, a.k.a “Sister Feng” (Feng Jie) or “Sister Phoenix.” She first gained attention from the Chinese media in 2009, after passing out flyers in front of a subway station in Shanghai, seeking a husband who must meet excessive requirements such as: “must be Tsinghua or Peking University graduate; must be majored in economics; must have international vision; must be 176cm to 183cm tall; must have never been married; must possess a Hukou from east coast of China and must be 25 to 28 year old.”

A few days after she distributed her Husband Hunting Ad , she posted the result on her blog, claiming that after seeing her Ad, the CEOs of Bank of China, Citibank China, Standard Charted, China Communication Bank, China Life, AIG China and so on, “approached me and expressed their faithful intention to marry me immediately. However, I thought they were too old and they may die on any day, so I refused all of them!”

Later, when she appeared on a local television program, she claimed that she was the most intelligent person on the earth “for the past 300 years and the future 300 years to come.”

Contrary to these exaggerated remarks is the razor thin grasp of reality she appears to possess. This is a young lady who was working as a cashier at a Carrefour store in Shanghai and she was far from the best-looking girl in China.

As of September 2011, sister Feng had relocated to New York City, where she is now working as a manicurist. After a short period of anonymity, it seemed she began testing her old trick of getting attention again. This time she was out to get famous in America!

Last fall, Feng was seen distributing flyers in the Financial District and Zucotti Park during the Occupy Wall Street movement. Perhaps she thought Wall Streeters were not as intelligent as Columbia University students, she moved her base to Columbia shortly afterwards.

In recent months, Sister Feng has made multiple visits to Columbia. Her most recent visit occurred on Wednesday, February 22, when she was spotted at the 116th street and Broadway gate of the university, distributing flyers to anyone who did not look like an Asian.

Earlier that morning, she had arrived at the Engineering Building, located on the north east corner of Columbia’s Morningside campus. In front of the entrance, she stopped a Chinese student and asked for his help finding the building’s fourth floor so she could “post an important flyer on the student event board.”

The Chinese student, who requested to remain anonymous, later told me, “Feng Jie came in her classic orange jacket and pink scarf. Her hair was dyed auburn and she was carrying her trademark pink bag too. I could not believe my eyes when I first saw her. It was like a super star asking a nobody for a small favor, very surprising and exciting!”

After posting the flyer at the engineering’s building, Sister Feng came to the campus entrance on the west side of 116th street where she started to distribute flyers.

The flyer read:

I am looking for a Husband now, I am the hottest star from China. My name is Luoyufeng, Chinese call me fengjie, born 1985, I want my Husband very Interested in political and Economic, he would like to Dominate the world.

I want my Husband like this:

1. He must between 25 to 31 years old.
2. He will between 5.74 feet to 6.11 feet height.
3. He must never get married, no children.
4. He will graduated from a prestigious world, like Harvard, Yale, MIT, west point, Stanford, Oxon, and so so.
5. He must had a master’s degree.
6. He can’t been an Asian.
7. He would better have a house and a car.

I’m born in a poor family in Chongqing. When 16, I come to a Inexpensive Normal school which I never liked. I read a lot of books Between 9 to 20. I’m expert in Poetry and prose. In 2006 when I’m 21, I became a Language teacher. In 2008 when I’m 23, I resigned and come to shanghai for a better future. But I can’t get a good job there. There was no way to get more income except publicize myself, so I became the hottest star in china in 2010 when I’m 25. I came to the USA in the same year. Since there is over 3000.000 chinese man asked marry me, but none of them suitable.


1. I am only 4.82 feet height, but I used to wear a High-heeled shoes. So I always looked like 5.08 feet.
2. I’m from china which Country control Family planning as their basal policy. I will follow it. So I only want 2 children if get married.

Email: shanghailuoyufeng@163.com
Mobile phone: 646-220-8171
MSN: shanghailuoyufeng@163.com
Facebook: shanghailuoyufeng@163.com

The flyer was written in such poor English that Chinese netizens called it a “grammar mistake hunt.” A Chinese blogger, Fan Huang said, “Obviously this husband can’t be too much of a stickler for grammar. Perhaps she ought to find a German-speaking husband, since Sister Feng seems to be rather Fond of random Capitalization.”

The news of sister Feng’s Ivy League visitation quickly spread through the Internet. Once again, Sister Feng had entertained the world with her shocking actions and false sense of confidence.

However, some Internet analysts had a different view. “Sister Feng is indeed very smart”, said one of the analysts. He suggests that Sister Feng has utilized the minimum cost to gain the maximum of personal publicity, which could turn into profit. By February 26, 2012, she had 1,818,306, followers on Weibo, a Chinese Tweeter and the number of her fans is rapidly growing. She also received free publicity in the New York Post, the People Magazine and various other U.S. media outlets.

Already, she has been approached by companies for potential cooperation. In one case, she was invited to appear on a TV commercial for a hair shampoo product for one million Yuan. The company even drafted a slogan: “at least, let men admire you from behind”. The plan, however, had to be aborted at the last minute, due to “drastic opposition from the company’s employees”.

On another case, the American Chinese Television interviewed Feng Jie for a possible reporter job. However, the interview did not work out well for “unknown reasons”. Nevertheless, Feng Jie still gained a lot from her publicity. According to a person nicknamed Shao Ai who posted on a popular Chinese forum, Feng Jie has applied asylum in the United Stated last year based on the claim that she was the most hated person in China, and her case got approved last month. So Sister Feng solved the immigration status issue easily and gained permanent residency in the United States, ahead of many talented scholars and hardworking people.

Although she has listed her extensive criteria for a husband in the above flyer, it is highly unlikely she would pick anyone, even when they meet all the requirements.

After all, as she says, “’after gaining the green card’, my first priority now is making money.”

If you feel you are a qualified candidate with high confidence, you can always contact her at: shanghailuoyufeng@163.com

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